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Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

actually life as a medical co-assistant is not that busy.-truer story- [but is 'truer' exist in english dictionary?]]

Salam and hai bloggers sekalian.

Actually, the only reason i post this entry tonight (or you can say it 'morning' since the clock strike 3 times just now. and obviously i'm not explaining about the time! *facepalm*) because i'm not that sleepy. My heart beats fast since i just finished watching a creeeeeeepy movie. And i'm scared to sleep. That's all.

And and and. Sebab tak boleh tidur so i decided to post this entry. Seperti yang telah disebutkan di atas, i mean the title, so i'm gonna make a correction here. And you can read the title again. And compare with my last entry. And that's the point. And why there's so many 'and' here?

Okay lah. Just cut the crap. I just wanna share some photos about how my co-ass life actually look like. I repeat, it was not that busy. But i think its depends on the department. As i just finished my second department today, so i can make a conclusion that this department is busy only in the first 6 weeks. After masuk stase luar (which means bertugas kat hospital luar), everything seems to be very santai. Very-very santai actually. 3 months in internal department still can't change me. I am still lazy me, movie-addicted an etc. Ooooo no no no. You can't change me, interna! Wahahahaha *evil laugh*

last day at internal department

we are hot!!! (since we re in the microwave~)

they said this kinda K-pop action called CIBI (CB is stands for cherry belle, one of popular girl band in Indonesia)

"okay, just act like you're normal person, guys," said the photographer. "Ok!" 
waitttt! so you think we re not normal, huh? T__T

with a senior who is gonna be a specialist, Abg Andy. :)
with kelompok ganding!

this crap is made by me! (but they said this is creative! haha)

the super senior, Kak Ira. and she's so beautiful. 

Kak Olga in the houseeeee~

and this is US! 

Im gonna elaborate this entry some other time because i think im gonna sleep now. Wish me luck. Haha.

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