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Jumat, 16 September 2011

berkasih-sayang sementara masih ada masa.

Salam and hai bloggers.

I have class today and i didn't go. Ehem. Well, im trying to wash away the guilty feeling by making a confession here. And it didn't work i think. Sobs. Sooooooo, back to the story. It takes more than a month to update this story which happened bout a couple of month ago. As u guys know, i have my 2-month-holiday (its quite long and i bet this is the first time since i studied here in USU, Medan) but it's still not long enough for me to spend my precious time with my family and friends. But, as the time goes by, i did a lot of things to fill up my holiday. And nowwwwww, let the pictures talk!! :)

But, i have to write it too anyway because i realize the pictures cant really talk. Sobs. Okay. These are the pictures that have been taken at the first week of my holiday. Being with family is such a great time!!

my youngest lil bro, ezham..we call him 'adek'

and this is my lil sis, ellya and she is very gedik..blurghh~

i taught them how to make crossed eye..haha

how i wish i can do this too!! ellya is covering ezham's butt..haha

anyoyoyo..what a cute face of me..oppss..i mean my lil bro..heh~

the common place where ezham can be found when we lost him at mall..

And then, only on the 3rd week of my holiday, my dad gave the permission for me to see my friends at KL (dengan alasan aku nak pergi uamh kakak aku kat Johor and thats the only reason why i can go to KL then baru head to Johor). And i took the opportunity to see my goody buddy, Wanieychan. Lepak umah dia dalam 2 hari, makan handmade cheesecake *craving!*, out to see the Japanese something-something (aku lupa apa nama dia, semacam pasar malam laa tapi versi Jepun..weird?? Heh.) And these are the pictures.

what we call this?

waniey with my uni friends, amar and hafizi..hafizi is waniey childhood friends by the way..

and thats me!

japanese food..and honestly, im not really into it..waste of me! :'(

And this is the best part of my holiday. Finally, after 7 years, i can meet with my lovely-goody-bestie-friend ever. Owhhh, how i miss to see them again! By the way, entry yang pasal naik koc wanita blablabla tu pasal nak pergi umah nadia ni laa. Haha. Not remember? Sila scroll ke entry sebelumnya. Or maybe sebelum-sebelumnya.

3 of us..nadia-farah-ayu..

us again..i love u, my gurlfriends! muahhhh3~

out to somewhere that i dont remember..hahaha..with nadia's family..

this is nadia's husband..they are lovely couple..and im a lil bit jealous with them..haha

i love u gurls and it is for FOREVER!

ada sape-sape yang tahu tempat ni kat mane? mind to remind me? hehe

And then baru lah aku menjejakkan kaki ke Johor yang mana telah menjadi udang di sebalik mi. Ke korang tak paham? Oke la. Straight to the point. As i said before, pergi Johor to see my anak buah adalah satu alasan untuk aku jalan-jalan kat KL. Arghhhh. Malas laa pulak nak explain. Korang paham-paham laa sendiri.

aqeel and harith, my cutey-mutey pies..

nakal laa harith ni..selalu usik adik die..

harith yang nakal dan bising dan kuat menjerit dan selalu kena gigit ngan ateh..opsss!!

kita tengok kepala siapa lebih keras! heh..

And the last one is when i wanna go back home. It was the last day before Muslims start fasting. Family aku datang KL untuk  membawa aku pulang ke pangkal jalan. Wuwuwuwu. Tapi sebelum tu, pergi makan lu reramai at i-dont-remember-where. Hahaha

ellya is a gemuk gurl~

farhan and tok ma...

I think thats all for this time. The guilty feeling of being absent from class is still haunting me. OMJAYYY! I have to study now. But before that, let me finish the HIMYM series first. Hahaha.

Sekian, terima kasih for reading this entry. :)

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