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Minggu, 29 Mei 2011

i miss my scooter. deym u local yang kidnapped my baby!

Salam and hye bloggers.

this is my previous header..so gothic kan? [i need a razor please!]

Hey, I miss my scooter. Seriously. I always think bout her every now and then. And each time i did, tears would roll down my cheeks. Im not a little girl anymore. But that's all i can do. Shame on me. T_T 

I've been here in Medan since August 08. I used to go to faculty by becak before. U know becak? Go and ask Uncle Google. He will tell u everything bout becak in Medan. And my dad bought me a scooter instead. I love the scooter very much. But poor me, my lovely scooter has been 'kidnapped' by locals. Deym u! 

And now my life is so miserable without my scooter. I miss my scooter very much. Yes, I do have my Encik Boyfie here. He can fetch and take me anywhere I want. He did a very good job by taking care of me, since Im quite far away from my family. Love u most laa Encik Boyfie. But Im not the type of person yang suka menyusahkan orang. 

Everytime I call my parents, they keep calm me down by saying 'its okay, dear. we will get u the new one next year. dah takde rezeki, nak buat cemane.' I can tell they are trying hard, real hard to make me feel comfortable n loved all the time. Owhh, i miss my family even more than i miss my scooter.

Guess what, sometimes I feels like wanna see Uncle Bomoh and ask him if he can find my scooter and bring my baby back. I dont care what it takes. I just want my baby back. Wuwuwu. And  I want the Uncle Bomoh scare the penculik with hantu-lembaga things. But I forget, the locals here are more scary than that. Heh. 

Cancel laa jumpa Uncle Bomoh. Its not bagus untuk kesihatan rohani. Hmmm. Just hope to be a good doctor & daughter to my parents. And right after I receive my first salary, I will get 40 bijik scooter nanti. We will wait and see!

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Ayen... mengatakan...

tiada apa yang kwn boleh ucapkan melainkan 'sabo jelaa' yek mungkin ada hikmah disebalik kejadian....huhu.

e d a y u a t e h mengatakan...

huhu..insyaAllah.. :(

Amira Chan mengatakan...

follow anda :)

TYNTHA LANA mengatakan...

kena curi? sabar jela..nak menggalakkan awak lebih banyak guna kaki kot :) hehehe.

Setiap kjadian bukankah ada hikmahnya? :)

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