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Senin, 27 September 2010

some words to a friend.

Salam Aidilfitri.

"Please forgive me for what i've said, for what i've done, for everything." 
Is it hard to say that, my dear friend?
Owhh, you said it before.
But, is it hard for you to keep what you have said?
And is it hard for you to think before you make fun of all the peoples around you?

It's not about me hating you. 
As I'm not blaming you for all the things that had happened.
I don't hate you. 
I just don't like you. 
No hard feeling, because i know you don't like me, neither.

I love to hear all your jokes, the stupid one especially.
I love to see the way you laugh, and how we laugh together.
Deep in my heart, I would like to have a best friend just like you.
Is it too much if i put 'boyfriend' instead of 'best friend' there?
Let me think.
I think so. :)

But, there's something in you that I can't stand the most.
It is when you give me a reason to not to trust you, nor like you, nor be close to you.
And as I told you, I can forgive, but I do not re trust.

No one perfect, I know.
I don't expect any perfectness in you.
But, you will be just fine to me when you do meant what you're saying.
That's all. 
Nothing else. :)

If I can say this right into your face, I will.
But something telling me to not to do so.
Because it might hurt you.
And hurt me the most when you yelling back at me.
You always doing that to me, don't you remember?

But still, there's a piece of love for you, as my friend, and as my best friend, not a-very-long-time-ago. :)

- Please put a 'not' between 'is' and 'me'. :) -

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