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Selasa, 23 Maret 2010

now it was just for me n noone else~


when i am on my own..
its nice to see u cme along..
follow da rythm of my heart..
and i knoe dat u r da one..
i will take my time..
and same goes to u..
cz it's the only thing dats on our side..
to make it all thru..
i realized it quickly when i knew i shuld..
for watever it means..
bcz all the things dat happened..
i knoe its only da beginning..
have i told u??
dat lately da sun in all its glory..
at the end of my day i give my thanks..
bcz der is no more need to worry..
have i told u??
dat im believe in u..
like u want me to..
its like dat i was dreaming..
and da life is not always what it seems..
whenever one door closes,i hope one more opens..~~
p/s : nak kasi kat sape ni?? (-_-')

updated: time aku tulis benda alah ni dulu, aku tengah single. sebab tu tak tahu nak kasi kat sape. tapi sekarang aku dah ada encik boyfie, so i dedicate this poem for him. love u muchie muchie! :">

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