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Minggu, 10 Januari 2010

she's my fren~ ;)


dah 2 3 hari aku takleh tido..i dunt noe da reason..but everytime i try to sleep,my eyes cant shut..n biasenye mate ni akan tertutup sendiri around 7am @ 0600wib..damn~ seb bek skug ni ngah cuti n 'cuti'..so,leh laa nak bgn lambat pon..tx God..

den setiap malam kepale aku sakit..starting da day i caught flu..i hate panadols~! ufffhhh..

i dunt wanna waste my time on da bed..so,i decided to post this entry..just check it out~

herrmmm...almost 1month aku bercuti kat medan ni..it was not really fun actually...n im lucky to have such an understanding housemate..*credit to emi* eventhough we have done such a lot of things,but still feels like something is missing..huhu..celebrated the X-mas Day at Sebayak Hotspring (berendam dalam kolam air panas start 2-6am,dlm suasane tanah tggi yang semestinya sangat sejuk,quite tired but fun),makan jagung panas mase on the way nak balik,having our breakfast at Mutiara Hotel (-_-') and jalan² kat Mickeyland (poor them cz cant play the paintball game..hihihi)..then celebrated the New Year's Eve at rooftop..woowwww...sounds interesting right..?? yess,it was..eating so much delicacies make me hard to fall asleep..n playing cards..fun! ;)

then things become a lil bored..nothing else we can do accept went to Sun Plaza,window shopping,watching movies,karaoke..or duk umah doing such a boring thing like watching DVDs or TV,surfing,facebook-ing,chatting..n cooking..then eating..hua³

dats all for this month..huhu

owh,by the way..
just wanna put some addition here..this is mimie shazlinda..my friend at MRSM Kuala Lipis..eventhough she's not in my gang,but still such a good buddy to me when im all alone..tx mimie..heart u lahh~~ <3 mimie is my deskmate at 2 n 3 Al-Khindi..dan juge menjadi teman sekatil  sebilik bile aku gaduh ngan roomates aku atau aku rase cam takut nak tido sorang²..hihihi..mimie pandai,baik,sopan,cumil,jujur etc..mmg terbalik ngan aku ni..dats y aku leh kamceng ngan die..mimie,only God knows how much i miss n love u..thanks for being such a good and best friend for me..im sorry for everything that i've done before,n u shuld know that i never meant to hurt u..


p/s: mimie,ayu dah tunaikan janji ayu..hihihi

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