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Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009

met ultah,kak emma~~!!


waaaa...she's old now..hihihi..juz wanna wish A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved 2nd big sis,KAK EMMA @ ENDRO HAIMA @ ISP. NURHAMIMAH BINTI ENDUT who was born on 28th of October,19-- (as usual,i dunt wanna mention the year bcz i dunt want to remind her how old is she..very kind of me rite?? hahaha)
thanks for being a very gud sister..help me on my homework when i was a little girl..teach me how to be a very gud young lady (like now..waahhh~~!! ;p) n also help me with $$$ whenever i need it (even in a large amount..-_-')
now u're married..i wish that u will have a very happy family..be strong to face the chllnges like u owais do..be a gud mother to ur children..be a solehah wife to my abg ngah..n still be a gud lil sis to kak long n a loving big sis to all ur lil siss' n bros..
i jus wanna let u knoe how proud am i to have such a great sister like you..love u,kak emma~~!!
once again,HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~!! :)

when she's still a young lady
now she's a policewoman @ IPD Subang Jaya
she's married~~ :)

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