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Jumat, 11 September 2009

going under....

starting the day with this feeling..
again and again..
i dunt noe wut happen to me..
i cant understand my feeling anymore..
i dunt noe wut is real and wut is not..
i lost all sense of control..
i just wanna have it back..
my mind breaks the spirit of my soul..
this time i dunt think i have anyone hand..
but i will save myself..
i've got to break tru..
i cant keep going under..
feels like myself suffocating now..
did i break my heart inside by myself??
did i do smthing wrong??
did i stand too close with the fire??
did i?? ermmmm~~
i just dunt think this is the real me..
something inside this heart has died..
there is nothing except the memories left abandoned..
i cant seem to break tru no matter how i try to..
im just a walking disaster~
'i try not to think,bout the pain i feel inside..do u noe u used to be my hero? and all the times u spend with me,now seems so far away..and i feels like u dunt care anymore..'
whatever it is..i just have to think positively..yeahhh rite~~ *rolling eyes*

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