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Senin, 22 Juni 2009

gud things happened~~ :)


leh on9 la plak..
tp juz 4 a while..
im brrowing my siss' brdband rite now..
which is used to be mine~~ huhuhu

now i wanna share a very gud news wit my fwen..
im an aunty now..*not really gud..cz dat 'aunty' word makes me look old..hurmmm~~* [joke3 :p]
got a lil hero here..his name is HARITH HANNAAN BIN HASRUL ANWAR (no typing error okeyh~~)
which is means 'lovely guard' (penjaga yang penyayang)
falling in love with him.. (plus,i dunt have any 'him' to fallin love now..ngeh3)
he call me ateh (someday~~ ;p)..
*i dunt have any idea wat shuld he call me acelly..
n da 'ateh' was juz crossed my mind rite now~~ ^_^
cupppphh3 to my lil hero~~

be a gud person keyh..juz like ur ateh :p

n da 2nd thing is bout my 2nd sis wedding..
(i ve put it in my entry b4)
it was very happening *even without me..huaaaa~~*
very cheerful one..n soooooo blueyyyy~~~ (baby blue is more alike)
i dunt wanna talk too much..its hurt me~~ :(
juz look at those pics..
so envy..urghhh~~

my sis,kak emma with her husband~~ *cant deny dat she was lovely dis tyme :) *
at pelamin~~

acara mkn beradab wth both parent...(err..think so..)

my big3 family..sdare mare from both side of my pa' n ma..one of da baju kurung was belong to me..huh~~!! :L
da boys n guys in action...~~ :p its suppsed to be more den dis acelly..huhu
so,u can see it rite??
how da mjlis was going so well..
n tx to Him..
even i cant attend dis event,but alhamdulillah..
it was great..very great i think..hihihi..
n tx to Him..cz i have no remed 4 dis sem.. *wink2*
huhu (cz cant balik n tgk wedding my sis nih~~)
nevermind..its btter den i have to remed my paper.. *syuhh3..go away~~ :*
dats all for tonite..got to go..

4 komentar:

ainaaamira. mengatakan...

ayu...name diee.. dahsyat. HANNAAN.[ok aku pon x type slh.haha]
comelllnyeeee dieeeeeee.
congrats! :) [cam ank mg plak. hahahaha.]

siti noor edayu mengatakan...

hahaha..tx lalink~~!!
name die tu aku yg dftar tau..
aku yg isi dlm borg pendftran..
tp bapak die laa yg kasi name..

shakir.ariff mengatakan...

bile ko nak kahwen???sangap da ade...jodoh je x de..hahahaha

siti noor edayu mengatakan...

sebok la ko chito..ckp org tp ko pon same je..
tp sangap ko lagi mnyerlah dr aku.. :p

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